World War 2 Home Front

Workshop title

World War 2 home front

Key stage 2
Delivered at

Priory House, Warwick

Duration 4 hours, from 10.15am to 2.15pm
Main focus


Workshop outline

Mr Hitler is on the march and we have no powdered egg. Evacuate your class to experience a child’s eye view of World War 2.

‘Don’t Panic’ takes you through the struggles and victories of life on the Home Front. Immerse yourselves as you are evacuated to Warwickshire in September 1939. Listen to the memories of real World War 2 evacuees and shelter from an air raid during the blackout. Be history detectives and discover the different roles on the Home Front using real and replica objects. Work out your rations for the week and learn how to do your bit for the war effort by recycling.

Key skills covered
  • Chronological understanding
  • Change and continuity – understand how life changed for evacuees
  • Cause and consequence – understand the purpose of rationing and recycling materials during WWII.
  • Questioning and interpretation of evidence
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