Shakespeare's Warwickshire

Workshop title

 Shakespeare’s Warwickshire

Key stage 2
Delivered at

Priory House, Warwick

Duration 2 hours, from 10.15am to 12.15pm.
Main focus

History, English


Workshop information

An optional 30 or 60 minute teacher led walking tour of Tudor buildings in Warwick is available at no extra cost to make this a full day trip.

Workshop outline

Immerse yourself in Shakespeare’s time and understand what life was like. Investigate how historians know about people in the past.  Dress up as an Elizabethan and see the difference between richer and poorer people’s clothes, what they were made from and how they suited different lives.

Do the clothes of the wealthy tell us about Tudor trade and exploration? Discover replica objects and real inventories then interpret them in a group tableau. What can we tell about Tudor life from these objects?  Have a go at writing your own bit of Shakespeare with a quill and ink.

Key skills covered
  • Historic enquiry and interpretation of objects and source materials
  • Similarity and difference – compare clothes and materials available to richer and poorer people living in Shakespeare’s time
  • Appreciate the significance of Shakespeare on our literary heritage
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