Archaeology mini dig

Workshop title

Archaeology mini dig

Key stage 2
Delivered at

St John’s House, Warwick

Duration 3 hours, from 10.15am to 2.15pm
Main focus

History, Maths and English

Workshop outline

A special summer workshop designed in partnership with Archaeology Warwickshire.

Let your class experience real archaeological exploration techniques. Use investigative skills and learn about the process of undertaking an archaeological dig. This Workshop uses real and replica objects from our collections from a range of time periods. Plan an archaeological dig using historical maps from our collections. Excavate a trench and record your finds.

Recreate an Anglo Saxon pot. Learn how to reconstruct a human face from a replica skull and use mathematical formulae to calculate key human characteristics. Interpret your finds and create 3D models of them.

Please note part of this workshop takes place in our outdoor classroom.

Key skills covered
  • Chronological understanding
  • Change and continuity – discuss the significant changes between their various archaeological finds
  • Significance – explain the significance of their finds and what it tells us about life in the past
  • Historic enquiry and interpretation of evidence
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