Build a working wind turbine workshop

Workshop title

Build a working wind turbine workshop

Key stage 2
Delivered at

In your classroom

Duration 2 hours
Main focus

Science, Design and Technology

Workshop outline

In the 1970s the Ministry of Defence asked Donald Healey, engineer and race car designer, to design a top secret mobile wind turbine. Let your class take up the challenge and design the most efficient sails for our model turbines.

Working in pairs pupils will finish assembling a basic model turbine kit, connecting wires and constructing blades for their turbine. Using scientific methods pupils will try and improve the efficiency of the turbine, measuring the electrical output from their turbine with an altimeter. Changing the conditions of their experiment each time pupils will be able to compare results in a controlled environment. They might decide to add more blades to their turbine, increase or decrease the wind speed or change the distance the turbine is from the source of wind.

Throughout out the workshop pupils will be asked if they are creating a fair test, only changing one variable each time.

Developed with engineering experts Imagineering.

Key skills covered
  • Knowledge of wind power and aerodynamics
  • Small group working
  • Use of technical working
  • Working scientifically to create a fair test
  • Practical construction
  • Reasoning
  • Drawing conclusions from results data
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