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Ancient Egyptians - Warwickshire Heritage Learning

Workshop title

Ancient Egyptians

Key stage 2
Delivered at

In your classroom, via Teams or Zoom

Duration Box loaned for 2 weeks; virtual workshop lasts approximately 45 minutes
Main focus


Workshop outline

What can the treasures found in a mummy’s tomb tell you about life and death in ancient Egypt? Brush up on your hieroglyphics, because the museum needs your pupils’ help to sort through and learn about some newly discovered artefacts.

Your class will receive a loans box of real and replica objects that children can handle and investigate. The loans box comes with a full set of supporting information for the class teacher to enable you to prepare the children for their virtual workshop. Use the artefact record sheet to examine the objects before meeting our archaeologist to discuss what they have learnt. Hunt for the missing overseer shabti, crack the code and discover what jobs needed doing in the ancient Egyptian afterlife.

The loans box also comes with a collection of suggested activities to continue exploring the topic using the loans box and after it has been returned to the museum.

Key skills covered
  • Chronological understanding
  • Explain how we can find out about Ancient Egypt from material evidence.
  • Observe objects in detail and make conclusions about life in ancient Egypt.
  • Make inferences from archaeological evidence.
  • Historic enquiry
  • Group working
  • Questioning evidence and making conclusion
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