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Victorian loans boxes

Victorian loan boxes

Borrow a loan box to support your topic in the classroom and to supplement one of our virtual Victorian workshops. Some titles have more than one box available, contents are similar. Each box has full teacher notes and suggested activities.

Victorian schoolroom

A collection of objects Victorian school children would have been familiar with during the school day, from classroom resources to playground games. Including: writing slate, attendance medal, sewing sampler, reading book and marbles, as well as other objects.

Victorian classroom extension activities

This box differs to the others as all the objects are resources from our Victorian Classroom at St John's House that your class can handle and use. Includes a set of slate and pencils for the class to use and dipping ink pens, ink not supplied.

Victorian childhood

A collection of original toys and books that students can compare and contrast to their own toys and books at home. Includes special Sunday toys, prize books and a Victorian penny. Can be used to trigger activities about Victorian seaside, buying sweets with half pennies and farthings and advertising to children.

Victorian laundry

A collection of objects that illustrate the process of doing the laundry in Victorian times. Watch Charlotte the laundry maid use these objects in a film of the laundry via the Heritage and Culture Warwickshire YouTube channel. Includes soaps, irons, a posser and other Victorian laundry items.

Upstairs Downstairs

A collection of objects that would have been used by different domestic servants in a rich house and by families living in poor homes. Can be used to look at the differences between student’s homes and Victorian homes. This box stands alone but is a good accompaniment to the virtual upstairs downstairs workshop.