Heritage Education – Victorians at St Johns

These interactive one hour sessions will allow your school children to immerse themselves in a realistic experience of Victorian life.

Attend a lesson in our real Victorian classroom, try on a top hat or get hands-on in our laundry with Charlotte the laundry-maid for memorable experiences that will bring history to life. Choose from a number of different sessions to build your own day visit.

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St Johns Museum, Warwick
Victorian Laundry Can you tell a posser from a dolly? Find out by taking part in this hands-on session in the real Victorian kitchen with Charlotte, our laundry-maid.

Victorian Schoolroom at St Johns House Museum
The Victorian Schoolroom Write on slates, read from the school readers, count on the abacus, practice your marching and much more! The Victorian school teacher will be expecting you, and hopes that you have washed behind your ears!

Victorian Classroom
Victorian Schoolroom Extension Activities Give your class some extra time to get to grips with life in a Victorian schoolroom in this workshop outside of the schoolroom setting. Please note that session contents vary by Key Stage.

Upstairs, Downstairs Investigate everyday life in two very different Victorian households? What were the main differences between rich and poor?

Mob Caps to Top Hats What clothes did Victorian children wear? Look at and try on a range of replica and real clothing from our handling collection.

Discover St Johns Take a discovery pack with quiz cards, and look around this historic building, finding out more about the displays and the building’s history – inside and out. (This session is free of charge.)

Ice Creams and Away Days Experience summer as the Victorians would have done. Take part in a themed Victorian school lesson, help make ice cream with our Victorian cook and learn how the Victorians enjoyed their summer holidays.

Victorian Christmas Celebrate Christmas just as the Victorians would have done. Take part in a Christmas themed lesson in our Victorian Schoolroom, help the cook make the Christmas pudding and find out what working in the kitchen was really like.