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Tithe apportionments database

How to search the tithe apportionments database

The database is searchable in two different ways; firstly by ‘indexes’, and secondly by a free text search box. The indexes arrange the information in alphabetical order by parish, owner, or occupier. Within the parish view, records are displayed in plot number order, not in the way that they were originally entered into the schedule.

Browsing the indexes

  • Use the drop-down menu under ‘view’ to choose how to organise the index.
  • You can filter the results by clicking on a letter or by typing part of a word and clicking filter.
  • Click on an arrow in the results to further refine and click on an entry to see the full entry.

Free text search

This is useful if you want to find a specific individual or piece of land or search for a type of cultivation.

Notes field

Information from the ‘remarks’ column in the tithe apportionments is reproduced in the notes field. This is also used to indicate a duplicate entry, where more than one owner or occupier has been recorded for a piece of land. To find out the names of the additional landowners or occupants, view the index by parish. The entries will be listed in plot number order, and duplicate entries will have the same plot number.

Tips on searching

  • A wildcard is automatically added to the start and end of your search string, so you can search for the first or last few letters of a name or parish.
  • If you don’t get enough results, try a less specific search, entering fewer terms or widening the date span.
  • If you get too many results, try refining your search by entering more terms and a narrower date span.