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Tithe apportionments database

Digital tithe maps for sale

Our tithe maps have recently been digitised, so digital copies of the maps can now be purchased from our shop, in two different formats:

Tithe bundle with apportionment

A digital image of the map or maps for the parish loaded into Archangel viewing software, which combines the map with the tithe apportionment for the parish. The images are very large, so they have been broken down into quadrants and the software helps to navigate the map. Please note, this software does not work on Mac. For help using the software, please see our help page.

These are particularly useful for family and local history to provide a snapshot of the parish at the time of the survey.

In some cases, more than one map was produced for a particular parish, often where the parish includes a number of hamlets. In these cases, the bundle includes all the maps for that parish.

Tithe map only

A high-quality photograph of the map with no associated apportionment data, ideal when the map alone is needed as a single, large image.

Purchasing a tithe map

The bundles and maps have been priced individually according to their size and content.

If you wish to purchase a map, please download and complete a tithe map order form and identify the parish and type you wish to purchase. Please return the form to us as directed. Payment can be made by cheque payable to Warwickshire County Council or by credit card by calling our office.

Please note orders will take up to four weeks to complete.

Publishing tithe maps

Please note this material is provided for personal research purposes only. If you wish to reproduce or publish this material or any part of it in any way, you will need to seek permission from us first.