The Fire of Warwick

Workshop title

The Fire of Warwick

Key stage 2
Delivered at

In your classroom, via Teams or Zoom

Duration Box loaned for 2 weeks; virtual workshop lasts approximately 45 minutes
Main focus

Local History

Workshop information
Workshop outline

It is September 1694 and almost a third of Warwick residents have been made homeless after a great fire has devastated the town. But who should receive compensation? Join the lead commissioner Lord Brooke to discover what has been destroyed and who is making a claim.

Your class will receive a loans box of replica objects that children can handle and investigate. The loans box comes with a full set of supporting information for the class teacher to enable you to prepare the children for their virtual workshop. Read the story of the fire and use the objects to learn about the lives Warwick residents at the time of the fire. The children will then need to team up and find out what people are claiming for. During the virtual session, you will put forward the case for each character, and decide what they should receive.

The loans box also comes with a collection of suggested activities to continue exploring the topic using the loans box and after it has been returned to the museum.

Key skills covered
  • Understand the historical context to the fire
  • To draw conclusions and form opinions
  • Develop an awareness of the past
  • Understand the context to the Fire of Warwick
  • Use a range of sources to develop their understanding
  • Develop the appropriate use of historical terms
  • Address and begin to develop questions about change, cause, similarity and difference, and significance
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