Stone Age skills

Workshop title

Stone Age skills (This workshop is currently not available to book)

Key stage 2
Delivered at

Kingsbury Water Park, near Sutton Coldfield

Duration 4 hours, from 10.15am to 2.15pm
Main focus

History, English, Design and Technology

Workshop information
Workshop outline

A whole day exploring skills needed to survive the Stone Age, 5,000 years ago, with the opportunity to handle replica stone age tools with Warwickshire Museum. This hands on experience teaches pupils how different life was for people in the stone age. Spend time with a Ranger learning to build shelters from the materials in the woods and light fires without a match. If you’re successful celebrate by toasting marshmallows over the fire.

Workshop includes an hour’s handling session with replica Stone Age tools with Warwickshire Museum. Place the Stone Age in a timeline, how long ago was it and what came next? Learn how different tools were made and what they were used for. Can you securely mount a Stone Age axe head into a wooden handle like the Stone Age people?

A significant part of the workshop takes place outdoors. The workshop will go ahead in all weathers unless the Rangers make the decision to cancel in the case of extreme weather. Pupils will need to come suitably dressed for the forecasted weather.

Key skills covered
  • Chronological understanding
  • Change and continuity – discuss the significant changes between each of the time periods.
  • Empathy with the lives of Stone Age people.
  • Understanding the development of technology and the impact this had
  • Interpretation of evidence
  • Historic enquiry
Booking information

To make a booking contact Kingsbury Water Park on 01827 872660.